About Us

Why smarthome.id?

We are smarthome experts and HomeAssistant specialists.

We create the systems that cools the air before you get home, switch on the lights, and plays your favorite songs.

We offer premium home automation systems with tailored personalization features.

It is a powerful, wireless home-control networking technology.

Lighting control, scene lighting, timers, control & status on smartphones and tablets, leak, door & motion sensing and garage door control are some of the more popular applications

How we started...

By the natural desire to make our own homes and the ones of our clients a more comfortable space, for living, relaxing and resting. Testing thouroughly every product, solution and service on our own homes and lives before bringing them forward to our customers.

About the Founder
Hello to You, and welcome to this website.

I'm Rick, the founder of smarthome.id

Entrepreneur, IT Consultant and IT Specialist,

with over 35 years of technical expertise in:

IT Systems & IT Architectures

Networking & Cybersecurity

Database Administration

System Administration

Software Design

Web Design


Over 10 years experience in the field of smarthomes and commercial automation.

Master planner and organizer, that makes any project and organization switch in gears to reach their full potential and set Goals at “Warp Speed”.

With an unextinguishable passion for all things related to Technology.

Thank you for considering us for Your Project !